PLATINUM RATED TOILET PAPER – ABCO Products Receive Highest Level Certification from Global GreenTag!

NEW !! –  Enviroplus Bioactive 2PLY toilet paper and toilet tissue

NEW !! –  Enviroplus Bioactive 1PLY and 2PLY jumbo toilet roll

Global GreenTag Congratulates ABCO for being awarded our FIRST LCARate Platinum Certified Personal Product under the Global GreenTag Personal Products Standard.

Potentially and of equal importance,  ABCO’s newly certified Global GreenTag certified Enviroplus products also have relevance under Green Star’s ‘ Performance v1’ Rating Tools Credits for Procurement and Purchasing.

Enviroplus is a PEFC and FSC certified, bioactive toilet paper containing a mix of 5 microorganisms. The microorganisms only activate when in contact with water, and produce enzymes that help to break down organic substances present in pipes and sewage systems.

Being a PLATINUM manufactured product is not an easy task. There is only ONE other manufactured product in GreenTag’s certified products stable, and that’s a building product at the same level.  PLATINUM is a real distinction.

Enviroplus Bioactive 2PLY toilet paper and toilet tissue: READ MORE

Enviroplus Bioactive 1PLY and 2PLY jumbo toilet roll: READ MORE