Stakeholder processes

GreenTag is an:

  • ISO 17065 compliant Conformance Assessment Body
  • ISO 14024 compliant Type 1 Ecolabel and
  • Environmental Product Declaration Program (EPD) Operator

and as required by these Standards, operates extensive Stakeholder Consultation Processes in developing our Standards and operating the EPD program.

Our National Advisory Councils (NACs) in each country advise the Program Director on issues including Standards Development, Stakeholder Processes, Conflict Resolution and Certification Appeals and comprises up to 12-14 representatives of:

  • Industry (up to 5) and Professional Associations (up to 3)
  • Environmental and Community Organisations (up to 2)
  • Universities (up to 2)
  • Government (up to 2)

There is also an International Expert Panel and Sub-panels advising the NACs of technical issues relevant to their specific expertise. There are no limits to the number of experts or panels and they are formed as required.

Standards Development

The GreenTag Standards currently under review are:

Global GreenTag International Standard v4.0: Building, Interiors, Infrastructure & Other


  • 30 day Public Consultation Completed: Feb 8th 2016
  • ACCC Approved
  • Under review GBCA
  • Under review USGBC
  • Under review NAC

View Draft v4.0

The EPD program has its own Stakeholder Processes, see…

EPD Program