GreenRate™ & the ‘Tags’

Global GreenTag’s GreenRate certification is a Green Building Council of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa recognised product rating system designed to meet the requirements of the Green Star® ‘Sustainable Products’ credits. All certified products are examined for ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ and confirmed for Building Code compliance.

Based on Full Disclosure of ingredients, it looks in detail at Health and Ecotoxicity and the other Priority Assessment Criteria.  It looks at different aspects of the product and its ingredients at various stages and for various issues including; aspects of resource use (post consumer recycled and rapidly renewable content), waste reduction, availability of greenhouse and water footprints,


The ‘Tags: what do they mean?

The Level of Certification equates to a ‘Sustainability Factor’ in the Green Star®* rating tools’ Sustainable Products credits.

GreenRate Level A = 100%

GreenRate Level B = 75%

GreenRate Level C = 50%

GreenRate™ is also recognised by:

  • The Infrastructure Sustainability Rating tool in Australia and New Zealand
  • Malaysian Government’s MyHIJAU Program
  • Singapore BCA’s Green Mark International Program
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia’s EnviroDevelopment Program

The Certificates

LCARate & the ‘Tags’


*Green Star® is a Registered Mark of the Green Building Council of Australia

*Green StarNZ® is a Registered Mark of the Green Building Council of New Zealand

*Green StarSA® is a Registered Mark of the Green Building Council of South Africa (Note: the Level outcomes vary for GBCSA certification).