Impressions™ ClimaPlus™


Impressions™ ClimaPlus™

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Indoor Environment Quality
• Post Consumer Recycled Content
• Take Back Scheme

USG Boral Impressions™ ClimaPlus™ mineral ceiling tiles are made of mineral wool, perlite, kaolin and starch, all of which are abundant resources. The product contains 17% post consumer recycled content. Product’s 30-year lifetime system warranty allows to withstand conditions up to 40̊C and 95% relative humidity without visible sag when used with a DONN® Brand suspension system.

This product is a micro-fissure mineral fibre ceiling tiles with non-directional pattern, high durability and low VOC emission, which offer fast, efficient installation. Suitable for wide applications in schools, corridors, lobby areas, offices, retail stores, cinemas/theaters and restaurants/cafes.

USG Boral is committed to designing, manufacturing, and distributing products that minimize overall environmental impacts and contribute toward a more healthy living space.

The manufacturing site is certified with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and GB/T28001-2001 (Chinese National Standard – Specifications for Occupation Health and Safety Management System, which covers all the technical contents for OHSAS 18001: 2009).

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This listing applies to products manufactured in China only


GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GreenRate Level b

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v3.2

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GreenStar 'Design and As Built v1' and 'Interiors v1' Rating Tools Credits:
o Sustainable Products Level B
o Indoor Pollutants

GreenStar ' Performance v1' Rating Tools Credits:
o Procurement and Purchasing: Refurbishment Materials

GreenStar Legacy Tools Credits :
o MAT: Ceilings, Walls & Partitions
o IEQ: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)