GreaseShield® range grease interceptor

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GreaseShield® range grease interceptor

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Energy Efficiency
• Take Back Scheme

GreaseShield® range grease interceptors are  small, compact machine, easily installed that harvests energy from effluent which is discharged from the kitchen, separates and removes solid food, fats, oils and greases. The product can prevent blockages in drains and protects pumping stations as significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. Frequent pumping costs are eliminated. The unit produces recyclable FOGs that can be used to manufacture biodiesel or to replace other oil-stock feeds. The certification’s scope includes GreaseShield 1000 with Front Loading Filter, GreaseShield 1000 AST, GreaseShield 1000 Low Level with Front Loading, GreaseShield 1850 AST WOK, GreaseShield 1850 Low Level with Front Loading Filter, GreaseShield-CRM-4, GreaseShield-CRM-8, GreaseShield-CRM-8-F, GreaseShield 1850 Dual with PreFilter, GreaseShield 1850 Dual with PreFilter, GreaseShield 1850-ECO, GreaseShield 1850-ECO-S, GreaseShield 1850 AST with PreFilter, GreaseShield 1850AST-CRM-4- F, GreaseShield 2000 with PreFilter.


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Global GreenTag Standard v3.2

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