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GreenRate™ & the ‘Tags’

GreenTag’s GreenRate is for professionals looking to engage with the Green Star®, Sustainable Infrastructure and EnviroDevelopment rating tools. It relates to all building construction, interiors, infrastructure, building consumables, room amenities, cleaning and other facilities hygiene products. This section also explains how the GreenRate™ ‘Tags’ work and what they mean.

LCARate™ & the ‘Tags’

GreenTag’s LCARate™ is for consumers and professionals who want to simply understand the whole sustainability story of a product over its life time. For those who want deeper knowledge LCARate™ uses Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) ‘beyond LCA’ and generates ‘Net Positive’ analysis and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reporting for professional use.  It relates to all products in any sector.  It is also used by professionals looking to engage EarthCheck®, Infrastructure Sustainability, Green Mark  International and MyHIJAU programs. This section also explains how the LCARate™ ‘Tags’ work and what they mean.

The Product Scorecard Explained

GreenTag LCARate™ generates EcoPOINTS for each of its six Sustainability Assessment Criteria (SAC). The Product Scorecard is a ‘nutrition-label’ like graphic that shown progressively darker green arrows for each SAC as it gets more sustainable and presents the overall GreenTag EcoPOINT on which the LCARate ‘Tag’ is awarded.

The Certificates

This section explains how to read the GreenTag LCARate™ and GreenRate™ certificates.

Standards Development Processes

GreenTag Standards go through extensive Stakeholder Engagement Processes, this section explains how the standards were developed, how they are reviewed, who is involved and how.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program

GreenTag operates an EPD program that complies with the program requirements of rating tools like Green Star®, Green StarNZ®, LEED v4 and others. As part of this Product Category Rules (PCRs) are developed and require broad stakeholder engagement also. This section explains EPDs, the Standards, and the processes including stakeholder engagement for this program.

Brands Under Certification

This section illustrates a selection of our certified brands in a single view.

Complaints Handling Policy and Process

The Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd Board and Management Team are committed to the maintenance of a comprehensive Complaints Handling and Management Process. This document sets out both the Management Policy and the mechanics of the adopted Complaints Handling Process.

Sustainability Policy

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd operates the Global GreenTag Certification Program under license and recognises that some of its activities and services can cause impacts on the environment. To address these impacts and in turn reduce our ecological footprint, Management is committed to following and implementing a number of policy guidelines.


This section lists Terms & Definitions used for Global GreenTag Standards

Terms & Conditions

This section lists Terms & Conditions, Rules of Use of the Mark and Style Guide


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