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Global GreenTag operates an ISO compliant Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program.

The reporting of its LCA studies is issued as an ISO 14025 compliant EPD. These summary LCA reports where requested or relevant to local scheme requirements, can also be reported in accordance with ISO 21930 or EN 15804.

In these formats they are LEEDv4®* compliant (140+ countries) and BREEAM®** compliant (40+ countries).

Every EPD is underpinned by relevant Product Category Rules (PCR). PCRs are a set of specific rules, requirements, and guidelines for developing environmental declarations for products that can fulfill equivalent functions. PCRs determine what information should be gathered, how that information should be evaluated, and how it should be presented in a form of environmental declaration.

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The typical EPD development process under the GreenTag EPD Program includes four phases:

Phase 1: Development of a PCR

PCR for a specific product or product category is developed by Global GreenTag through the consultation process involving interested parties (industry bodies, community and NGO representatives, researchers etc.) and LCA experts. In order to promote harmonization, existing PCRs are used and adapted prior to the development of new PCRs.

Phase 2: Conducting an LCA

An LCA study is conducted according to the PCR provisions by a manufacturer or a third party (e.g. LCA consultant) to gather the necessary data, assess and evaluate environmental impacts of the product across its life span from cradle to grave (or for a limited number of life cycle stages, such as cradle to gate, if allowed by PCR). LCA for GreenTag’s LCARate program are conducted by an independent third-party LCA consultancy and peer reviewed.

Phase 3: Development of the EPD

GreenTag drafts and the LCA consultant completes the draft EPD document according to the PCR requirements to present the results of that LCA, as well as other relevant environmental and technical information.

Phase 4: Verification of the EPD

The EPD is verified by Global GreenTag, to ensure that the contents conform to the requirements of the PCR, including the requirements for conducting the LCA.

Stakeholder Processes

The GreenTag EPD Program undertakes required Stakeholder consultation processes for PCRs developed in collaboration with the Evah Institute.

Please submit comments and questions, including requests for the GreenTag EPD Program Operation Rules, to certification1@globalgreentag.com

The stakeholder consultation response and adopted PCRs are accessible through the links below.

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PCRs for Public Consultation:

GreenTag EPD Program is releasing for public consultation its next set of building product PCR developed in collaboration with Evah Institute, and inviting all interested parties for comment.

Adopted PCRs:

Program Rules:

Global GreenTags EPD General Program Rules.

Scheme Document:

Global GreenTags EPD Scheme Document.

Reviewer Qualifications:

Global GreenTags Reviewer Qualifications for Verification Reports.

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Download EPD Brochure