Arguing for Building Compliance and User Safety

Global GreenTag International is heading a panel at Total Facilities 2018 that will open discussion about the complexities and growing challenges of building compliance in Australia.  User safety will be a central issue.

David Baggs, GreenTag’s CEO and Technical Director, has been invited to lead and facilitate the panel conversation, which will also include Dean Homicki, Universal Access Manager for the audit and maintenance planning firm, Staebl; Craig Humphries, Head of Operations  for building consultants, Hendry Group and Nigel Dalton-Brown, Managing Director of the compliance administration firm, Strytex.

“It should be an interesting discussion,” says David Baggs.

“Unfortunately, there are still situations of operators who are cutting corners in the industry at the expense of user health and safety.  Global GreenTag is looking forward to engaging with this stellar panel. We certainly want to know more from their perspectives how we can elevate and prioritise the use of certified products in projects. History has already told us that often the decision of product selection lies at the centre of many unsafe and unhealthy building issues.”

Total Facilities event organiser, Andrew Lawson, approached David earlier this year to head up the panel as a response to the practice of cutting corners in the Australian building industry and the lack of monitoring of compliance, which puts building occupiers at risk.

David will engage panelists to explore together how a Facility Manager can mitigate against such practices and to what extent they should understand all the regulations and how much they should depend on their professional advisers.  He will also ask the panel to consider whether Australian and International Standards are the solution?