Global GreenTag International Opens Office in Mainland China – Partnering With Ecosafene Products Technical Service

Global GreenTag International has partnered with Ecosafene Products Technical Service Co., Ltd. to conduct business operations in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Ecosafene is one of the leading companies based in Mainland China engaged in the testing, facilitation and certification of various products for fire safety and environmentally-friendly products.

It is an exciting time for Global GreenTag, says David Baggs, Global GreenTag International’s CEO and Program Director. “Mainland China has a five year plan to create a green, low-carbon construction industry and we have been working towards this venture with Ecosafene for almost a year to be a part of this positive road that Mainland China is pursuing.

“We can now commence in earnest our roll out strategy to support the promotion of GreenTag certified Manufacturers into Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and add to our growing list of progressive manufacturers from the region with Global GreenTag certified products onto the world market.  Establishing a Global GreenTag presence on the ground in the region is going to significantly elevate awareness of the Global GreenTag International Certification Standard and Mark.”

Cricket Liu, Technical Director of Ecosafene Products Technical Service also welcomes the new partnership.  The strength of Global GreenTag certification, he says, is its reputation, accreditation and strong focus on the protection of the environment and human health, and this is key for Mainland China right now.

“The green products market in Mainland China is growing at a high speed because we do care about the environment.  And not only the Chinese government is leading this movement but also business enterprises as well. More and more people today care about having green products in their lives,” says Cricket.

Ecosafene now looks forward to helping to promote existing products that are certified with Global GreenTag International and work closely with manufacturers to facilitate certification and help them understand how it will support their export efforts also.

“Ecosafene understands the market well and what manufacturers will need to help them obtain more business in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It will serve manufacturers better that they have a local service with international benefits and in terms of communication save a lot of time and energy,” says Cricket.

Ecosafene will also be working to support more progressive manufacturers in the region to have their green products Global GreenTag certified.

“Many manufacturers are already adapting their processes to more sustainable practices, through the use of recycled and green materials, by having testing to insure that there is non-harmful composition in their products and also by adopting energy saving technologies,” says Cricket.

In partnership with Global GreenTag International, we look forward also to introducing greater knowledge to the  manufacturing market in terms of value of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product Health Declaration (PhD). This level of service is still very new in Mainland China, says Cricket, “which is why Ecosafene and Global GreenTag will be devoting time to educating more manufacturers as well to help them improve the quality of their processes to better protect the environment and human health.”

“Educating the market about the EPD and PhD will be a significant step, and especially when you consider that Mainland China is one of the biggest product manufacturing bases in the world.  Mainland China will not only benefit from this, but the rest of the world will too,” says Cricket.

If you would like to enquire further about GreenTag certification of products in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, or how Global GreenTag certification can create access to green projects globally, please click on one of the contacts below.

(Located in Mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong? Contact Cricket Liu)

(Located outside of Mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong? Contact Dr Judy Luo)