Meet the NAC: Simon Dorries of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd

Simon Dorries, Chief Executive of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd brings extensive experience in product certification to his role as a member of Global GreenTag’s National Advisory Committee (NAC).

“We are honoured to have Simon on our NAC committee. His background in standards development for the wood products industry is exemplary,” says David Baggs, GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director.  With over 30 years experience in the sector, Simon is well regarded as a leading international expert in the manufacture, quality control and product certification of wood and engineered wood products.

Simon took up his position with Australian Forestry Standard Ltd after nine years as Chief Executive of the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia.  He has been actively involved in standards development for two decades.

In addition to his role with Australian Forestry Standard, Simon also is chairperson of Standards Australia Committee TM-011 Engineered Wood Products, which governs product standards for a range of glued wood products including plywood, laminated veneer lumber, particleboard, medium density fibreboard and glue laminated timber.

Simon also has experience in technical promotion, education and training, standards and codes development, brand promotion and recognition, and research and development.

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