DEVELOPING NEW PCR … inviting your feedback!

The Global GreenTag EPD Program is seeking your input into development of Product Category Rules for Structural Base Shelving and Cabinetry products, developed in collaboration with Evah Institute, and inviting you to comment.

Consumers and business customers alike seek reliable quantitative data about environmental burden of products, to help them make purchasing decisions that account for such burden. Their decision-making is now supported by initiatives including Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

EPD is a user-friendly representation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results. To ensure that EPDs provide reliable and comparable information, every EPD is underpinned by relevant Product Category Rules (PCR). PCR is defined in ISO 14025 as a set of specific rules, requirements, and guidelines, for developing environmental declarations for one or more products that can fulfil equivalent functions. PCRs determine what information should be gathered, how that information should be evaluated, and how it should be presented in a form of environmental declaration.

Manufacturers’ input into development of PCRs is immensely important, as it allows to tailor PCRs for the conforming LCAs to reflect typical material sourcing, adopted manufacturing processes and common use phase issues, and for EPDs – to represent all important information about the products in accessible way.

The public consultation period closes on 4th of March 2019

The draft PCR for Structural Base Shelving and Cabinetry products is accessible HERE.

Please submit comments and questions to

The draft PCR for Fitted Cabinetry products is accessible HERE.

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